Anyone who lives with bipolar disorder can understand why I decided to give this blog the name that I have. I have lived with bipolar 2 for most of my life, though I was not diagnosed until I was 18 years old.

If you live with this illness then I am sure you can attest that it is difficult to maintain friendships and relationships, however a strong social support system is an integral part of recovery, thus my current dilemma. So, I decided that since I don’t have a very strong support system in place socially I would try the online community.

I hope this can be an environment of encouragement, sharing, and education. If you are here to judge my story or tell me what I am doing about my illness is wrong, or if you are going to be negative about any mental illness in any way, please just click past and find something else to do with your time. Life is hard enough as it is without ignorant people making us feel worse than we already do.

Thanks for taking your time to read through, and hopefully we can learn from each other and maybe I can shed hope on your situation and you can shed light on mine.



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  1. Hi I am Dan and I’d like to be your online support friend. I am thirty and I was diagnosed at 16. I graduated high school and college through five episodes. I am a writer and hope to get my stories published. I have written 440 stories and writing makes me happy and helps me cope with the illness. I can turn bad days into good days through my writing. I write stories for my friends who suffer from mental illness when they are unwell to make them feel better.

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      • Thanks Megan. It’s great to meet you. A lot of my blogs are my stories I write. I am glad you have came on here to make new friends. A strong support system is vital but it’s not as easy to build one sometimes. But I am trying too to make friends on here too for support. Glad I met you and we can be friends! Nice to have someone who understands and has gone through similar things.


      • Dear Dan and mybeautifulmonster, I have always been of the opinion that people who don’t have Bipolar never understand us completely. They cannot really grasp the idea that it is out of our control to not be depressive or not be manic when the onset happens. We do need more support from people who have been through this, I personally believe psychaetrists are also not much of a help, as they have a take on it from the literature aspect i.e. what is published. But someone who goes through it can really understand the real feeling, the pain or the joy. I am working on a plan to get something together and will keep it updated via my blog too, new to blogging myself and just joined a week or so back. Lets keep ourselves from drowning by lending a helping hand!

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  2. Dear Megan
    I’m not working at the moment due to my illness and have had to leave a very successful career. I have always been open and honest about my depression – like you, not formally diagnosed until 18. I was very lucky as I used to run charities and was in a position to recruit volunteers who were “down on their luck.” Many had various mental health concerns and it was a joy to watch them gain confidence and grow, and I’m sure it helped them to know that the person in charge was suffering too.
    It is not impossible to achieve when you have poor mental health. Depression just makes it twice as hard.
    Good luck with your business and remember to breath (if you are anything like me you will know what that means!)


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